I see that I have been redirected away from the Absa website. Am I now in a safe environment?

The portal that you have been redirected to is absolutely safe and allows us to review and respond to your contribution in an effective and timely manner.

Is there a reward for submitting my idea or solution?

There will be no reward for submissions of an idea or solution. However, if Absa Life decides to pursue an idea or solution, you will be notified and contacted.

Who decides if my submission is of interest to Absa Life?

A forum established within Absa Life will review all submissions. Absa Life will keep you up to date and inform you of the status of your submission. There will be no reward for submissions. However, if Absa Life decides to pursue a submission, you will be notified and contacted.

What information does my submission need to include?

The submission must also provide a comprehensive non-confidential overview of the proposed solution. Please focus on what it can do, information that is available and how it is better than currently available solutions.

Do I have to submit my confidential information required?

We request only non-confidential information throughout the submission process. You only need to send us an outline of your idea at this stage describing how it works in a general technical sense and what the benefits to the customer and Absa Life would be. Of course, the more information that you are able to provide the better.

What is the process once I submit my idea?

When you submit your idea, you will receive an email confirming that your submission has been received. After evaluation of your submission, Absa Life will inform you whether your submission is still under review, or will not be considered further. While your submission is still under review, Absa Life may contact you to discuss your submission, which may include a request for further information

Do I have to be 18yrs or older to submit an idea?

Yes, this is the legal accepted age for capacity to agree to the Terms of Use.

Do I have to accept the Terms of Use to participate?

Yes, the Terms of Use are created to protect you and your rights, as well as Absa Life's ongoing research programs, projects and concepts.