Beat loadshedding


Divide the cost of your alternative power solution into easy monthly repayments and beat the loadshedding blues.

The sun will always rise, but your electricity bill shouldn’t. Keep the lights on for a fraction of your current costs with alternative power solutions. You’ll be able to escape rising tariff rates and outlast the loadshedding challenge in South Africa, while you pay off your system.

Manageable monthly repayments

Make the cost of getting your own energy supply affordable with our manageable monthly repayments. Although the upfront costs of loadshedding solutions seem high, the investment over the long term should help you save on electricity costs and give you peace of mind during loadshedding.

Calculate what it costs to power your home

Get started with our load shedding solutions calculator. Calculate what it’ll cost you to survive load shedding, save on electricity costs, achieve power independence or go off-grid.

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