Deceased Estate's Guide


5 Key things you need to do when a loved one passes away

1. Notify the relevant parties

2.  Appoint an executor

3.  Wind up the estate’s financials

4.  Submit any insurance claims

5.  Home loans or vehicle finance

What happens to the home loan?

The amount outstanding on the home loan account is due to Absa

 Vehicle Finance

What happens to the vehicle on the passing of a loved one?

  • The amount outstanding on the vehicle account is due to Absa and the options below will apply:
  • The executor/Master’s representative will determine whether there is credit life insurance and submit a claim to the insurance department.
Some things to remember
  • Please inform the bank of the address where the vehicle will be kept while the estate is finalised.
  • A short-term insurance policy must be in place if the vehicle is being used during the winding-up process.
  • If the vehicle was settled before the deceased’s passing, contact the AVAF Document Hub at for the transfer of ownership documents.

The following information will be required:

  • Contact details
  • Attention person
  • Letter of Executorship (if executor) or Letter of Authority (if Master’s representative)
  • Death certificate
  • ID copy of the deceased
  • Full vehicle details

for more information, please visit the Absa link


  • vanvuuren56
    vanvuuren56 Posts: 1

    Mr JHDW J v Vuuren past away on 28/04/24.

    I have emailed all the documentation to you right after his death. Absa funeral cover did pay out into his account, but all of it was consumed by all his account, wiych