Fraud/Scam Minimizing Tool


We are tired of being scammed.  When a person is scammed, they usually know it within 10 minutes. Why doesn't Absa make a feature that allows a person to retract all payments made within 20 minutes from the time a payment was made?  
Meaning that even the account receiving the payment locks the payment received  for 20 minutes (can't be withdrawn, can't be transfered, can't make purchases) , allowing it to be retractable, coz most often scammers withdraw or  transfer  the money quickly making it impossible to retract. 
This can be an added feature you can charge a small fee for (the same way you charge for instant payments), a person pays an extra R9 to make that kind of payment, and should the person retract a payment, u charge another R9.
For normal payments the duration can be 20 minutes, for instant payments 10 minutes. 

Also include this feature for those making physical cash deposits.  When they deposit they must include their cellphone number, should they retract, the money will go to their own cellphone number as "cashsend". The retraction can happen via the ATM or inside the branch. 
For example, I send someone R500.00. I retract payment at the ATM. U charge R10 for this service.  I get a cash send of R490.00

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