House Rules


Help us keep a fun and respectful atmosphere for everyone, with a focus on sharing suggestions and ideas. These House Rules are not exhaustive, so please use common sense, mature decision-making, and follow the intent of these House Rules:

Respect other members.

Keep your remarks constructive and respectful. Don’t be offensive, abusive, humiliating or intimidating and don’t use profanity, attack, harass, or impersonate others. It’s just not cool.

Keep your comments on-topic.

Comments and description text for a specific idea are intended for that submission only:

  • Do not post links or request visits/feedback to your own submissions, or otherwise try to make the conversation about your submission, on someone else’s submission. Please also don't 'advertise' submissions belonging to others in the comments. Remember that the comments section of other submissions is not about you and your submissions.
  • Off-topic remarks (made in ALL CAPS, txtspeak, chatspeak, and the like) will be removed.
  • All content not related to Absa Life products or processes will be removed.
  • A submissions’ comments area isn’t a chat room or forum.

Don’t advertise, preach, or campaign.

Absa Life Microsite is not a venue for preaching or disseminating your political, religious, or social views. It is also not a venue to advertise any business, non-profit, or charitable cause. We will remove comments or submission that intend to advertise, campaign, or promote a political/religious/social viewpoint as well as content intended to put down a political/religious/social belief held by another person or group of people.

Keep your comments clean.

The Absa Life Site is meant to be a good, clean environment. Don’t create product ideas, contest entries, make comments or submit any other content containing that is not related to the idea/suggestion. 

Respect others privacy.

Never share someone else’s personal details on Absa Life Ideas. Please do not share your email address, phone number, or other contact details.

One account per person.

Absa Life Ideas Site is designed for creative people who play fairly and honestly. Secondary accounts will be removed when discovered and people who operate multiple accounts risk being permanently removed from participation. Accounts are meant for people, so please don't create “team” or group accounts.

Avatar, username and profile guidelines.

  • Your avatar and username must comply with the Terms of Use and the House Rules.
  • Please don’t upload an avatar showing a child under 13 years old. Images of children who appear to be under 13 will be removed to comply with international child safety laws.
  • Please do not use avatars that do not belong to you.
  • Please don't upload an avatar of the Absa Life logo or any logo owned by the Absa Life Group. 

Don’t share confidential information.

Sharing confidential or leaked Absa Life Community content or otherwise damaging content is strictly prohibited. We will suspend or ban accounts who share such information.

Please write in English.

All information in your Activity and Product Idea submissions must be written in English so that our moderation team can read it, and so that your submission reaches the widest audience possible. This includes titles, descriptions, etc. We prefer that comments are also written in English. 

Our moderators enforce these rules.

We reserve the right to remove any submissions or comments that violate these guidelines at our sole discretion. Repeated or severe violations will result in suspension or ban from the Absa Life Microsite.